Sunday, September 30, 2012

Butterbeer Cupcakes

Pretty sure the only thing I love more than cupcakes is Harry Potter, so why not combine the two! Alas, I present to you... Butterbeer Cupcakes! The recipe for these cupcakes is superb and creates a perfectly sweet and delicious batch of cupcakes.

Butterbeer Cupcakes

Recipe adapted from: Sweet Tooth

The only thing that I found difficult for this recipe was that I made them when it was a 100 degree day--- which meant it was 90 degrees in my non air-conditioned home. Yikes! I had a hard time keeping the frosting cool long enough to decorate the cupcakes, but after much difficulty, I was able to decorate a few long enough for pictures and devouring... yum, yum, yum!

Other than that, I  only advise that you not skip out on any ingredients. The butter flavoring, vanilla, and cream soda (as well as the rest of the ingredients) are all important in achieving that wonderful Butterbeer flavor. After taking a bite you'll be saying... "Good to be back at the Three Broomsticks!"

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  1. My mom and I both decided you could make these for our birthdays :) haha