Sunday, January 20, 2013

Roasted Pear Scones with Chocolate Chips

So, it may seem like I'm not the most devoted blogger. As mentioned before, I'm not really getting off to the best start, considering that I started the blog about 6 months ago and have only posted... four times? Yikes! However, it is true that I may not be the best blog poster, but I'm still very excited about this blog and am constantly thinking of new ideas for it. It is truly a wonderful, creative outlet and a way for me to challenge myself not only in the kitchen, but also with writing and photography. But being the perfectionist and optimist that I am, it has been a challenge for me to realize that it's not going to start off looking like Smitten Kitchen (someday!), and that I need to allow myself the time to learn about blogging and let my blog evolve.

Over winter break, I sat down with my dad and we figured out a way to tackle my lighting situation, or lack there of. I live in a great little house with my roommates, and our kitchen has lots of space, but the lighting is atrocious for taking decent photographs. After a quick trip to Ikea and the craft store (let's face it, there is no such thing as a quick trip to Ikea or the craft store) I can finally say that the lighting situation is ten times better and now I feel a lot more confident about the resulting pictures. So without further ado... 

Roasted Pear Scones w/ Chocolate Chips

Recipe adapted from: Smitten Kitchen

So if I had been posting regularly, like a good little blogger should, then you'd know that I really love cooking with fruit, and especially pears. I love pairing the sweet, crispy pears (no pun intended) with savory foods, like a rich gruy√®re cheese. This recipe isn't necessarily an example of that, but it's delicious nonetheless!

This recipe was pretty straight forward, the only thing that I might stress is making sure to get really firm pears, because if the pears are too juicy it can effect the dough. I also had some chocolate chips at home, so I used that instead of chocolate chunks. 


  1. Your photos look so professional and beautiful Jessica!! and those scones looks delicious too :)